6 thoughts on “The Story of Rice

  1. Judith Lochtefeld

    Very interesting visual story that shows how much work it is to bring home dinner. Ironically, my newest bag of rice was grown in Thailand. It made some good sticky rice last night.


  2. Robin

    Fantastic experience you are having. Loved seeing it on film. Can you just put a camera on your hat and show us EVERYTHING you do? Food for thought. Literally!
    Please Zuzu, may I have some more?
    Merry Christmas!!


  3. Sara Boyce

    Fabulous, Zuzu! Really a great movie. Congratulations. Looks like you are having an amazing experience where your heart is opening (even more) to the world… And oh, by the way, sleeping in a twin all by yourself will seem so luxurious in the future! 🙂 Merry Christmas. XO


  4. Grace Seibert-Larke

    Zulu thank you and your fellow travelers/learners for sharing this beautiful story of rice production. It is amazing what I was able to learn about growing, harvesting and “eating rice” in 6 minutes.


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