Camels & Temples

This past week we’ve been in Pushkar and Udaipur! We visited a bunch of Hindu religious sites and palaces which were so beautiful. We went to a Sikh temple, the holy Pushkar Lake, and the only temple for Brahma in the world. Also we camel trekked into the Pushkar desert (connected to the Great Indian Desert so that was pretty cool) and “camped” there overnight (the “tents” had tile floors and electricity and the most comfortable bed I’ve slept in in 2 months). The camels picked us up at the hotel in Pushkar and then we rode down the road there towards the edge of the desert. We each had a guide/driver on our camel with us….mine was a 12 year old boy named Bapu but he was super fun and knew what he was doing so it was okay (also one of the other guides just lifted him up onto the camel with me so that was easy). The desert was so beautiful and we actually passed a lot of farms on the way in which was super impressive. I wish we had ridden the camels longer, but my legs were completely numb by the time we got there so it was okay. We had dinner around a campfire that night and then the next morning we drove 8 1/2 hours to Udaipur. Here, we went to the City Palace (which was so so beautiful and it’s been added to my list of dream wedding locations (it’s only $100,000 just to rent it as a venue!!!) (lol)) and went on a boat tour of one of the three lakes in the city which were each created by kings 500 years ago. Also we saw the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel screened in a super cute restaurant in one of the cities it was filmed in!! It’s a really good movie and everyone should see it and it’s basically exactly what Jaipur looks like except not really and it has more animals and more people and it’s less clean and not as many people speak English and life in general just isn’t quite that easy but it’s still a super good movie! Lots of parts weirdly close to home and it was super cool to see the city I had just lived in for a month in the movie since I’ve been to most of the places it was shot.

Other than that I have some more updates to follow that include videos BUT internet is still super limited so I’m not making any promises on timeliness for those. We’re flying to South Africa on Wednesday and I can’t wait!!

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