Videos update

Here’s a video I made from our time in South Africa!



The lovely Erin Williams made this video, it’s two seconds (or a little more) from every day this year!



Also wonderful Hannah Brenner made a (mostly) GoPro video from this year too!

One thought on “Videos update

  1. Grace Seibert-Larke

    Dear Zuzu.
    We have met at your parents house. I am part of the yoga group. Your mother sent me the link and finally I have some extra time to read.
    Congratulations on your successful journey! I love the story of the rice growing community. It so moved me that you were present to and can document this process and change.
    The video of the woman with AIDS moved me deeply. It was so special she shared her story and then her beautiful outfit she made for her daughter-in -law.
    Your thoughtful and beautiful descriptions of the children in the countries where you volunteered left me full of wonder for you and your friends.
    Thank you for the effort you took to share your stories.
    Keep journaling and becoming.
    With love


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